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Facebook Retargeting Real Estate Agents

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Facebook Retargeting Real Estate Agents

Facebook Retargeting Real Estate AgentsFor most real estate agents, there is a lot of focus on getting more people to visit our websites. Agents will spend money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) to drive more traffic, yet the vast majority of that traffic is wasted. Once you learn the strategy of Facebook Retargeting For Real Estate, you will be hooked, because you will bring your lost leads back to you!

Most visitors end up leaving your website before they become your client. And most of them never return, even if they found your content valuable. Stay with me to the end of this blog post and you will understand why Facebook Retargeting is so important to your real estate business. You will also learn how the Facebook Retargeting Pixel brings clients back to your website over and over again!

Retargeting your website visitors with Facebook ads means showing targeted Facebook ads to people who have previously visited your website. It’s one of the least expensive forms of advertising on Facebook and it is the most effective! If you’re serious about using Facebook Ads to grow your business, retargeting is an absolute must. Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer predicts that “soon all display advertising will be retargeted advertising and the pixel will become even more valuable than the click itself.”

Now more than ever, it’s important to set up your website to support retargeting with Facebook Ads. The best part is that it’s free to set up, so you can start building your list of potential clients. Even if you’re not ready to advertise, there should be nothing holding you back from setting up you pixel today!

Why is Facebook Retargeting so effective?

1-We all know that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods available to real estate agents. When you combine email marketing with Facebook Retargeting, you have a powerful set of marketing tools that is unsurpassed. This is all fairly new technology that has become available over the past couple of years.

2-With email marketing, we can deliver a message that appeals to our clients based on their interests. For example, if we offered a lead magnet that contained a secret list of homes, we would know that our list of clients are buyers who are looking to purchase a home. We now have the ability to deliver a home buying message speaking to home buyers based on where they are in our lead funnel. Likewise, we could offer a lead magnet directed toward home sellers and deliver a home selling message to those potential clients.

3-One drawback with email marketing is that it’s hard to convince people to give up their email addresses. People are smart, so they understand when they give up their information, they will end up receiving marketing messages. For that reason, it can be difficult to get someone to trust you enough to give you their information. New people who have just discovered you might not have a level of trust in you just yet. You need to build that trust over a period of time, before someone is willing to interact with you on a deeper level. This is why many agents end up with a lot of website visitors, yet not many who join their email list. Facebook Retargeting solves that problem!

4-Facebook Retargeting gives you almost all of the benefits of email that I described above without requiring an email address or opt-in. Every time someone visits your website, they automatically get ‘pixelled’ by Facebook. This just means they go into a group that you can target with Facebook ads. You can then run Facebook ads to these people whenever you like. That means you are running Facebook ads only to people who have expressed interest in you by visiting your website. You are also reaching them directly in their Facebook news feed.

5-Lastly, you also have the ability to separate people based on what pages they have visited, or what content they have viewed on your website! That means you can show different ads depending on what they like or where they are in your sales funnel.

How To Lower Your Facebook Marketing Costs

Lower Your Facebook Marketing Costs

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Lower Your Facebook Marketing Costs


Set Bid CapTip #1: Setting A Bid Cap

Setting a bid cap is one of the best ways to lower your Facebook Marketing costs. You want to learn how to control how much you want to pay for each bid or per action. If you have a specific budget in mind, and you already have an ideal cost per acquisition or per action, then you can set that as your bid cap. Here’s an example:

You have a daily budget of $10, and your campaign objective is to get people to click on your ad and go to your website. The landing page on your website is selling a $50 item where you make a $25 profit per item. You know that based on past customer behavior on your website, you get on average a 10 percent conversion rate which is pretty good because it means 1 out of 10 people who go on your site buys that product.

With such a profit margin, you’re willing to pay $0.50 per click. So you set that as your bid cap. Facebook will then charge your account a maximum of $0.50 every time someone clicks on your ad. With a $10 budget, you can have at least 20 clickthroughs to your website. This means that with your product’s 10% conversion rate, you’re probably going to make 1-2 sales ($25 to $50 profit) per $10 ad spend. Knowing the math behind your ad campaigns will help you optimize your ad budget be it on the campaign level, ad set level, or ad level.

Tip #2: Get More People To Engage With Your Ad

Getting people to engage with your  ad is one of the best ways to minimize your Facebook Marketing costs. However, this is easier said than done. We all want to get the highest possible conversion rates and have everyone we target to look at our ad. But obviously, this doesn’t happen in real life. People go on Facebook to socialize with their family and friends. They don’t go on Facebook to look at adverts! To get people to pay attention to your ad, you have to get creative and think outside the box.Get more people to engage with your ad

Check out one of my own ads that I did for a community page. The results are astounding! Ask yourself if you were your target audience, would you stop scrolling your news feed to look at your advert? Be objective and don’t let your bias come into play. If you answered, yes, then your ad may be good enough. If you answered no, then you’d have to go back to the drawing board and start again. Alternatively, if you work alone, you can ask somebody else’s opinion on what might work.

If you work in a team environment, then that’s better because two or more heads are better than one, so to speak. Brainstorm on ways you can possibly catch your audience’s attention. Write everything down and plan how your ideas are going to translate to Facebook ads.

It’s important you do this because when more people engage with your ads, it sends a message to Facebook that people are finding your ad to be valuable, and will thus reward you with lower ad costs.

Tip #3: Give Away Valuable Free Stuff

In connection with technique #2, when you think outside the box, think about giving away valuable freebies to your target audience. People love free stuff, plain and simple. When they think they’re getting something valuable for free, they’re going to love you for it! But what kind of free stuff can you give away to get people to engage and click on your ads?

There are actually many kinds of free stuff you can give away to your audience. Depending on your industry, your audience may be encouraged to engage with your advert if you give them a very valuable eBook that addresses their pain points, a short but comprehensive email course, a free sample of your product, a free trial, a discount code, and so much more.

To know what will work best with your audience, you have to know who your audience is first. For instance, if you know the majority of your past customers are mothers of 1-2-year-old boys, then you have to think of something that will get the attention of these mothers. If you’re selling baby stuff or mommy stuff, then maybe consider giving away a free course on how to potty train toddlers or maybe how to lose postpartum weight. This will depend on your product of course. Your free stuff has to relate to the product you’re selling.

Whatever item or service you choose to give away for free, make it as irresistible as possible. You can also try putting in some scarcity in your ad. Don’t be afraid to tell your audience your freebie is only going to be up for a limited time or to a limited number of people. Try this technique and watch your engagement go up and your ad costs come plummeting down!

Tip #4: Target Custom And Lookalike Audiences

With Facebook’s hyper-targeting options and advanced remarketing tools, there’s just simply no better audience to target with your adverts than custom audiences and lookalike audiences (from your winning audiences). Custom audiences are so important and so essential to minimizing Facebook ad costs because these are people who already know your brand or your business. You’re not targeting cold audiences who probably know absolutely nothing about you which means they don’t trust you and may not be willing to do any business with you. Facebook custom audiences, on the other hand, have interacted with your business either online or offline. There’s a level of familiarity that exists between you and this audience, so it’s much easier to sell to them and get them to convert.

This is important because when people know your brand, they would be more likely to engage with your ad. This, in turn, results in lower ad costs for your business.
If you have a website, install the Facebook pixel on it right away. If your business is offline, you can still collect your customers’ data and upload it to Facebook to create a custom audience.
The important thing to think about with custom audiences is you have to figure out how to get them to engage with your business again. Maybe an ad re-introducing your brand to them would help to put them at ease so try that tactic as well. Once you’ve found a custom audience that reacts positively with your ad (high conversion rates), you can then create a lookalike audience so you can reach more of the same people!

Tip#5: Split Test Your Way To Success

Don’t settle for making one or two ads only. If you’re serious about succeeding on Facebook Ads, then you need to spend some money on it first. One of the best investments you can make on the platform is by split testing your adverts frequently. Test which headlines, which images, which products, etc. your audience is going to respond favorably to. Just make sure that when you’re split testing, you only test one element at a time so you can say with certainty that an element is or isn’t working for your audience. If you test 2 or more elements, you’d only mess up your split test, and you’d have no tangible proof that it was indeed element 1 that caused your ad to flop, and not element 2.

Split testing is like educating yourself on what ad creatives are going to work best for your audience. You’re essentially paying for your failures, but once you find the winning combination of ad copy, ad graphics, placement and audience, then you’ll be thankful for your split tests. Once you find a winner, you can easily scale your ads and reach more people. Since you’ve already done your homework on what’s working and what’s not, then in your future ad campaigns you’ll be able to use your well-optimized and high converting advert and pay for it with fewer dollars per conversion!

Tip #6: Use Facebook Video Ads

Video ads are one of the best-kept secrets of successful marketers who pay a fraction of a penny for each video view. Of course, not all ad campaigns are going to benefit from video ads, but for those who do, you’re going to benefit big time! People on social media are all about self-gratification. They don’t want to do a lot of hard work while on social media. Instead, they want to relax and not think about work or school. This is where video ads shine – all they have to do is just hit the play button (if they haven’t set it to auto-play), sit back and watch your video!

There’s no walls of text to read, no tiny fonts to squint at. And they get your message just by watching a few seconds of video!

Some marketers may say that while video ads are terrific for engagement rates, it doesn’t translate directly into sales. Well, that may be true, but it really depends on the kind of products and services you’re offering – not to mention, your audience, your video ad presentation, and so many other factors. The point is that with video ads, it is possible to get 1,000 views for $1 or $2! There’s probably no easier way to achieve this kind of ad spend either on Facebook or on any other advertising platform!

Tip #7: Refresh Your Facebook Ad Creatives

Sometimes advertisers become complacent with their high-converting ads. They go on holiday for a few weeks and forget to pause their ads. When they log on to their Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager account, lo and behold, their ad costs have gone up by 100% or 200% or even more! At this point, they’d be scratching their heads because before they left, they were getting really low ad costs per conversion. But after a few weeks, they’re spending so much for the same advert (they probably also forgot Tip #1 – set a bid cap).

When you think about it, it’s really not that surprising. They’re targeting the same group of people using the same ad creatives. Who’s not going to get bored with that ad? Once you’ve seen an ad a few times – no matter how creative or engaging it was the first time you saw that ad – you’re eventually going to get tired of seeing it on your feed! The important lesson to take note here is that you must always remember to keep your ads looking fresh. Even if you go on vacation for a few weeks, you can always set an ad schedule. For example, you can run advert 1 for the first 5 days, then advert 2 for the next 5 to 10 days, and so on. With fresh ads to keep your audience engaged, you can expect your ad costs to remain as low as ever.

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SEO Tips to Boost Mobile Rankings

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SEO Tips to Boost Mobile Rankings

The rise in the number of smartphone users has made mobile the new normal. Realizing this, Google rolled out its mobile-first index, giving mobile versions of websites an upper hand when it comes to ranking. So, marketers must focus on mobile more than ever. If you need help optimizing your website for search engines in the mobile era, keep reading.

Create a Responsive Website Design

In order to rank well, responsive website design is the most critical change that you need to make. Responsive websites offer the value of two for one – they rank well on both desktop and mobile. Moreover, the design seamlessly fits the size of any screen across devices.

Optimize Content for Mobile

Mobile visitors look for the same content experience as desktop visitors. So, your content must be properly optimized for the mobile so that users can quickly find what they are looking for. You need to create content using short paragraphs, along with the addition of media, such as screenshots or infographics to make reading enjoyable.

Make Use of Infographics

The attention span of mobile users is lower than desktop users. In order to arrest and retain their attention, you can use interesting and engaging infographics. It has been proven that attractive-looking content gets shared more than three times across digital platforms compared to text-only content. The more your content is shared, the more chances your website gets to become visible on search engines and obtain a higher ranking position.

Improve Navigation

As aforementioned, mobile users lack patience; therefore, you need to remove any kind of hindrance or obstacles that visitors might have to face whilst navigating your website. You can avail affordable SEO services in order to get a professional audit report, as well as, solutions.

Link Building Strategy

For your SEO success, you must continue to build links to your desktop pages. Even though the world is moving into the mobile-first index, the importance of link building is not declining. Besides that, you must also consult with a professional SEO expert and come up with a link building a mobile strategy to make sure that your website ranks above your competitors.

Optimize On-site SEO

Once you have designed and built a responsive website, it is time to manage on-site SEO for your mobile website. From optimizing title tags to H1 headers, you need to pay attention to every little detail and make sure that they are SEO-friendly. Tags in mobile, for instance, varies from tags in the desktop. Whilst desktop has about seventy-one characters, mobile gets seventy-eight characters.

Speed Up Page Load Time

Building a website for mobile with a focus on fast page speed might seem like a daunting task. However, it is important to remember that the page speed on mobile can directly impact your SEO rankings. As per reports, slow load times result in approximately ten percent increase in bounce rate and four percent decrease in conversions.

Optimize for Local Search

Unlike desktop users, mobile users are generally searching for products, services or information that are available locally. Reports also suggest that the intent of mobile users is usually to take an action. This clearly shows that you need to optimize your mobile website for the local search so that you are present at the right time and in the right place where your potential customers are looking for products or services relevant to you.

So, do you think you are prepared for mobile-first index? Follow the aforementioned tips to get started and do not let the mobile-first experience stop you from ranking well on search engines. However, to create a more in-depth SEO strategy, you must engage the services of experienced SEO professionals. Since these professionals are dedicated to continuously update themselves as per the changes in the digital world, they will be able to help you find the perfect solution.