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KW Bronze Agent Package

Get a jumpstart on your KW technology!

Are you frustrated with getting all of your KW technology setup? After teaching thousands of agents how to setup and use their KW technology, I've learned that it's not the best use of your time to learn how to setup technology, when you can how to use it to generating leads.

STOP the madness today and get all of your of your technology setup for one low price in less than 48 hours!

KW Connector/KWLS

KWLS/KW Connector is one of the best technologies that are offered by Keller Williams. When used properly, all of you listing can be custom branded with your picture and contact information. Take control of your business and drive the portal leads back to you!


eAgentC is a highly customizable website that can setup as a niche or seller website. I personally recommend setting it up as your seller website. With eAgentC, you can create an unlimited number of custom information and search pages. In addition to all of the available customization, your KW Mobile application is managed from your eAgentC website. Remember, when setup properly, all of your leads mobile leads and eAgentC leads will flow back into your KW eEdge CRM.


eEdge is a powerful suite of tools that allows you to manage your entire real estate business in one place! With eEdge you can easily manage your contacts, setup automatic drip campaigns, print flyers and so much more. When properly setup, your listing and other information will auto populate on all marketing materials!

Mobile Setup

The KW GPS-enabled app allows your clients to easily search for properties on the go. Your clients will be able to view property details, see photos, share property information with family and friends and much more. Best of all, the application has your branding and all leads are driven back to you!

White Pages

The KW White pages allow consumers and other agents to find you on If setup properly, the White Pages can be a great source for drawing in business from the Internet.


With all of the awesome KW technology, there are so many ways to generate on-line business, yet if you don't know when a lead comes in, you have just lost out a great opportunity. I was working with an agent here in San Diego, and because they did not have their alerts setup properly, they lost out on a 1.2 million dollar listing. Don't let this happen to you! Gmail

KW and Google have partnered to bring you KW email run on Google Gmail. Not only do you have access to business email, but you will get the KW Google business suite which includes many other applications and an extra 30GB of storage space! We will setup and configure your email configure your basic signature.

Social Media

In today's world, if you are not connected to Social Media, you will look like a real estate dinosaur. A recent study from Pew Research has found that more than half of internet users aged above 65 have signed up for Facebook. That translates to 31 percent of all American seniors and those numbers are growing daily. Our package includes connecting.


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